Produced and Composed by Charlie Ringas.

   Jens Van Vliet – trumpet
   Bernardo Padron – saxophones
   Gary Atkins – guitar
   Kevin Cooke – bass
   Charlie Ringas – drums


Recorded and mixed by Peter Hudson
at Friendly Pirate Studios, July and August 1988.

Mastered by Pete Norman
at McClear Place Studios, September 1988.

Remastered by Garnet Willis
at Noisetree Digital Audio, March 2015.


Don Valley Parkway is a snappy quintet that hails from Toronto. Their music is a hybrid of fusion (of a subtler, more European style) laced with strong doses of hard bop. Their musicianship is first rate, never flashy for its own sake. Drummer Ringas is a particular standout. It’s always a pleasure to find a drummer who can find interesting patterns in the most mundane rock rhythms. Ringas is also responsible for the compositions. With humour, intelligence and literate musicality, Don Valley Parkway have come up with an enjoyable LP. 

(Robert Iannapollo Cadence, March 1989)


This is a muscular modern jazz record...
Led by Charlie Ringas who wrote the seven tunes...
they're not afraid to take risks, a mark of good jazz...
Driving on this Don Valley Parkway is a pleasure.

Canadian Composer, April 1989