Produced by Bill Gilliam and Charlie Ringas

Bill Gilliamprepared piano, spoken word

Charlie Ringas percussion, spoken word


Bernardo Padronflute


John Gzowskiguitars, string dowel


Written Text:

Ivor Cutler


Alan Lightman


Rumi Jelalludin


Don Van Vliet


Signposts is the collaboration of two composers performing on their respective instruments. Bill Gilliam playing prepared piano and Charlie Ringas on percussion, with both players handling the spoken word in dialogue form.

Based on the evocative writings of Ivor Cutler, Rumi Jelalludin, Alan Lightman and Don Van Vliet, the composers/performers use the words as an impetus to dive into the mood and character of each improvisation, trading off words and improvised sound gestures to create an intriguing fusion of poetry and music.

Each piece being its own story becomes a spontaneous micro-composition responding to the dynamic variety of each author’s words and contemplative ideas with engaging humour, with the full range of musical imaginations.

Live reocrding by John Magyar

at Gallery 345, Toronto, May 7, 2010
Studio recording and editing by John Gzowski,

November/December 2010
Mixing and mastering by Garnet Willis

at Noisetree Digital Audio, January 2011.

© by  Bill Gilliam and Charlie Ringas