Produced by Garnet Willis and Charlie Ringas


  • Rhonda Rindone - clarinets

  • Jim Montgomery - synths / electronics

  • John Gzowski - guitars / string dowel

  • Charlie Ringas - percussion / moog

  • Sara Craig - vocals

  • Kiva Simova - vocals / spoken word

  • Jesse Stewart - spoken word

  • Lucy Carrick - spoken word

  • Vilma Vitols - spoken word

  • Kate Mossman - flute tr. 2, 3, 4

  • Martin Van de Ven - clarinets tr. 2, 5, 6

  • Michael Marcuzzi - trumpet tr. 1, 3, 6

  • Don Laws - trombone tr. 3, 5, 6

  • Stacie MacGregor - piano tr. 4

  • Graham Hargrove - marimba tr. 4

  • Karen Graves - violin tr. 2, 5

  • Henry Heillig - double bass tr. 1, 3

  • James Thomson - double bass tr. 4, 5, 8

Compositions written by Charlie Ringas

Assembled, edited, shuffled and mixed between February 2009 – October 2010 at Noisetree by Garnet Willis, assisted by Dave Mathews.

Taken from live performances recorded at the Music Gallery between October 1998 – October 2002, by Paul Hodge and Steve Marsh, and at the Idler’s Improv Series, August 1999 by Garnet Willis.

Rebounding around his own music-making history, Charlie Ringas has taken to collage on this epic and multitudinous recording project entitled “Revolving.” In order to collage you need a rich resource of choice stuff. So, in mode of an archivist, he has assembled material from an extensive library of live recordings of his compositions, performed by groups he has led, which is the resource that has become the present output.

With an overlaying and interweaving of the material, sections are taken apart, pared down, layered into, all built up to create renewed sound constructions. From a musical perspective, something wholly fresh is produced here as a vital listening experience.

This is very much a studio project, realized through the possibilities of digital sound editing. “Revolving” is a reinterpreting, even a renewed purposing, of the composers own history. A new music made in a new way of approaching it.