Produced and composed by Charlie Ringas

Joe Allen – trumpet, cornet, banjo

Andy Ballantyne – tenor + soprano sax, flute

Doug Rennie – guitar

James Young – doublebass

Charlie Ringas – drums

Mike Marcuzzi – trumpet, flugelhorn
Martin Van de Ven – clarinets (tr.4,7)
Brenna MacCrimmon – soprano (tr.6)
Bridgette Besson – alto (tr.6)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Peter Hudson at Friendly Pirate Studios, May, September, and October 1990
Re-edited by John Magyar at Psychospace Sound, November 2007.
Remastered by Garnet Willis at Noisetree Digital Audio, February 2015

Picking up from the momentum created over the four years since its inception, Don Valley Parkway runs like a well-oiled machine, led by the composer/drummer Charlie Ringas on this third recording effort, entitled “News Wave.”

The playing unveils an affirming confidence as an ensemble, and as individual soloists, as the group takes to the studio performance floor. It is also important to mention that each number is met with an appropriate restraint, to reign in the fold when necessary. Driving rhythms are all at once primal, formal, syncopated and asymmetrical with a range of tonalities moving around from simple to complex degrees. Soloing flows effortlessly as each player is musically aligned within the context of each piece, and moves about in surprising, and sometimes humorous ways.


On some tracks the quintet is augmented by additional winds, brass and voices, adding into the mix a range of colours and textures worthy of further listening.