Produced by John Gzowski and Charlie Ringas

Hermetic Music Commission

  • Sara Craig - vocals

  • Jesse Stewart - spoken word

  • Ronda Rindone - clarinets

  • Jim Montgomery - electronics

  • John Gzowski - guitars

  • Charlie Ringas - percussion

  • Kiva Simova - spoken word and vocals

Compositions written by Charlie Ringas
Recorded by Paul Hodge and Steven Marsh at the Music Gallery on April 20, 2000 + May 5, 2001, and at the Idler Pub

"Improv Series" on August 7, 1999 by Garnet Willis.

Mixed by John Gzowski, November 2001.
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions August 2002,

Remastered by Garnet Willis at Noisetree Digital Audio, January 2015

Capturing the often whimsical, and almost overreaching live performances of the Hermetic Music Commission, a group led by Charlie Ringas, “In Sound Is” is beyond a static monument, to the real action of truly free improvising music. While using the framework of Charlie Ringas’ written compostions, the arranged details (which only for reference) are discarded for the exploration of spontaneous improvisation.

Rich textural interplay between electronics, reeds, guitars, percussion and voices, continually pave the way for a renewed musical turn. The tightly knit chemistry of the performers is realized here by the meticulous editing skills of John Gzowski. Taken from a series of concerts, this recording glorifies the group in constant interaction, interdependence, and at times independent to one another.

The five lengthy pieces are given time to develop with some steady pacing. The balance here lies in maintaining sound musical principals, while delving into uncharted territory. The effect is successful as the strong and the sweet converge.