Produced by Charlie Ringas


  • Kate Mossman – flute,alto saxophone

  • Martin Van de Ven – clarinets

  • Michael Marcuzzi – trumpet

  • Don Laws – trombone

  • Jennifer Moore – lead vocals

  • Kathy Brown – harmony vocals

  • Charlie Ringas – percussion, keyboards

  • Graham Hargrove – marimba

  • Stacie McGregor – piano, organ

  • Karen Graves – violin

  • Kevin Barrett – guitar

  • Henry Heillig – doublebass

Compositions written by Charlie Ringas

Recorded and mixed by Peter Hudson and assisted by Nick Holmes at Hallamusic Studio, Oct 1999 - May 2000

Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions, June 2000.

Remastered by Garnet Willis at Noisetree Digital Audio, Feb 2015


Eleven Toronto artists pool their resources to peer over musical horizons and see where leader Charlie Ringas is heading with his drums, keyboard and six lengthy compositions.  The multi-textured soundscapes belong to no obvious genre but range wide in that vague area of serious "new music".  The instrumentation, giving equal weight to all including voice melody and voice harmony, and exploratory forays by soloists that colleagues pursue with zest make for fascinating, always accessible listening.