​Produced by Charlie Ringas.

Fraz Milne - guitar, vocals
George McFetridge - keyboards
Campbell Walker - bass, vocals
Charlie Ringas - drums

Recorded by Paul Smith and Fred Duvall at Moondog Recording Studios on February 20 and April 29, 1984.

Re-edited and Remastered by Garnet Willis at Noisetree Digital Audio, November 2015.


After a few years as a jam workshop ensemble, 
Banana Moon, led by Charlie Ringas.
existed with an almost open door policy,
with it's various line-ups and instrumentation.

Usually, a quintet, and at times a septet.

Deciding to go for a more solid line-up,

Ringas now favoured a quartet,

Campbell Walker,  who had been in the group at various times
settled in on bass/vocals,  
Fraz Milne on guitar/vocals, had come in 
a few months earlier playing a string of gigs

in the club circuit in Toronto.

In comes the eminent pianist/composer George McFetridge, 
who was extremely intrigued by the group’s  musical direction. 
in persuing instrumental composition extending the vocal songform,

McFetridge  helped to shape the overall sound
and feel, taking the band into a more traditionally jazz terrain 
laced with experimental tendencies.

The timing was perfect for the creatively charged unit, 
All four members contributed compositions.
This well-rehearsed ensemble was now able to take to the stage, 
showcasing their adventurous constructions around Toronto’s club circuit. 

As a main event, they took  to the studio, 
and in a surprisingly quick two 4 hour sessions, 
“Communications Community”, their first album,
 saw the light of day.